As a young girl I used to always write in my journal, whatever came to mind became a source of art for me. Poetic justice is what I felt whenever I would create a peice I loved that expressed how I felt at the time. I currently work on shorter pieces, perhaps in the long run I'll shoot for something longer. I began modelling as a teenager working in Canada and Asia and I found lots of great opportunities came my way. As for photography I enjoy working with a variety of photographers to carry out concepts that are imaginative and beautiful. Print work, car shows, dancing and promotions are fun and created a world of work for me. As a painter I began working one day and never quit, I love to create new concepts and try new things, everything from abstract to still life I enjoy. I hope you enjoy this webpage and find some things you love as much as me. Some artwork is for sale and I am still working to create new imagery everyday. If you are interested in a painting please email me for pricing.
Richelle Lucas Model•Artist•Writer “I love making art and living in the process.”