Writing On The Wall
Into Hell
On a boat A one way ticket to hell Can’t get off Can’t swim I’m about to give in To the feeling A long lost life Full of bitters I get queasy This ain’t easy Dog gone Rings a bell And there’s no more Smokes in hell Pull out a Mickie Wish I could get a quickie For this dogs day in hell is Coming soon I’m weak enough They could sweep me away with a broom I hold on to the living The last gasp at taking some life To hold my own one last minute Before they take me away Into darker days For all that I’ve done Has been unsung Once they find out What I’ve done I’ll be gone forever And ever The days are numbered and I’ve just taken one For an appointment It’s with hell They wanna know if I’ll fit in Maybe I’m too bad even for hell In time I’ll know What I’ve really rowed to hoe Over these years I’ve been so bad I can’t even say it would be sad It’s expected I can see the sky turn red And I can see their eyes turn black Things are getting more And more horrific As we sail Closer and closer A downturn In the wake of life Sometimes we get our way And sometimes we don’t Eventually it all catches up And the devils pitchfork Takes a stab at life My life My veins My brains My nerves I’m a beast of burden That much is certain Bold I was And that much is told I can’t say I saw a brighter way For what I’ve become Is what I never thought possible But now it’s too late Once I get the appointment I get a date Looks like the appointment is today and It looks like I’ll see you in hell A dogs day has it become A fast rack is what Has been done The wind picks up And the boat sails faster and faster At least I’ll fit in... I know that much And I know I can’t pave A way for a brighter day anymore. I hear some wicked laughter This sailor has thrown out all his lucky chips now And there is nothing left to barter with Looks like our deal is sealed As I sail through a dark tunnel into hell. I threw out my hat to the stern board Looking back I see nothing but black And the little black demons who surround me are starting to laugh too They seem to think I guess it had to be you Who did it all... A man in the dark claiming his last stake To weak to hold on But in for a ride Into the other side .
Quitting Smoking
He’s so vile He’s so vein He’s the type To never take away the pain Goin insane He’ll bring it to the vein Drip to the drain He’ll Fake a nice smile Toe to the toe Better move it ho You too yo-yo Get to the lawn and give it a mow Pluck those weeds Bitch give it to the reeds Heeve and hoe I don’t wanna see it snow He’s a dish nazi Fuck the paparazzi I’ll show u a picture Of the shit getting thicker A black blanket on the wall A frown to kill them all A smoke on the floor Bitch please say no more
We must clear our paths When the shit gets going The going gets tough. Break free of the weeds the stones the bricks standing in our way. Break down the walls we face in our day to day. Dawn is coming and we must find our way through the darkness. In the darkness our fears haunt our beings We mustn’t let that happen. Find the driving force within To concur that which is unforeseen beyond the imagination which lives in our subconscious minds. Drag forth the highest version of yourself And let him lead the way For we shall need him tonight In our darkest hour. On the other side the grass is greener and the water cleaner. Why shall we live in such shallows Let peace be with you and the force guide you. Hold fast this higher vision and break free beyond where the sword lies. Grimace through the pain Ask to do it again and again until There is no more. You than shall see the fruits of your labour, And the fruits of your loin succeed in this life. Let it be known for all to come You have bared the hardest of days And came out with no shade For you are shinning brighter than the sun And the rest is unsung.
One Night
Heart beating Full of life Catch a cab Until then I’ll be on ice Life full of strife A fast track to hell Pull the trigger Then they take off A makers mark A blending gone wrong An abomination Takes down the nation Tinted windows A bead of sweat An alley cat on the rise Beaded glory She wasn’t sorry Scat cat The truth is that you Had that Doggy dog world A subject for The taking Then you looked in the mirror Things were shaking You realized what you were making She was meant for the takeover The whole thing was a Makeover Your soul was black as hell You looked away from What was real And turned into a new deal Blinded was she when she got down for the cause Now she’s all wrapped up in gauze A lamplight hits her face and You realize she lacked some grace Two eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth Is all she has The rest was a bloody mess and Gave the reaper a new cause A surgeon on the run Too thick was her gum He bit more off than he could chew It was set in stone And it was far from the loan She was a realist A girl on the grind Fell in lust And couldn’t get him But she must Anything for a new life She put it all on the line Let the doctor fill in the blanks Where her face she felt was at a loss She asked the boss Can u get me a deal I really need it for a steel So she reeled and dealed And cut through the conceal Of her face with haste And made it into a paste She was pissed with fate And came in with some hate The alley cat screamed As she pulled on her jeans The abomination was ready To hit the station On the run she was When the cat looked back The body was there The surgeon was a mess He took two to the face Boss came in and picked up two scalpels One in each eye So he wouldn’t see what she was Ever again She was on the run Sick as hell and ready to have some fun It was the end of her life She would play out in strife A blonde Beatrice she was With a new cat named pause So who’s the boss you wanna know She is the one who was with the man to be He ends up with a toe tag She was in serendipity. Down the alley she and the cat ran All to end up in a bad spell Houdini wasn’t there though It musta been a witch Or perhaps another real bitch On the phone she sent in a drone To catch Beatrice running for her life You see she was the surgeons wife. When the wife saw her on that cam She had a heart attack and fell off the plan. She pulled her ova in the limo Thinking what’s with that bimbo The blonde hair soaked in blood was Wretched enough to make her Choke back the lunch Her husband has two eyes blanked out Wanted to know the bitch who made it pan out A hatred for her husband she had for a long time For the bitches he hoe’d for a long time. She wanted to thank Beatrice and give her a life for the monster she became gave her An edge she’s always wanted She would become one with Beatrice And in their new life A surgeons playbill is all they ever wanted She sat back and offered her and pause a drink And then said Hey what do ya think?
Make Or Break
Zoom out and you’ll get the big picture Zoom in and you’ll see me getting bitchier I’ve lost it all I’ve done the fall Pull up the knee socks Ready check the clocks He’s too brute to take Too good to break You’ll see he’s a snake I’m Medusa So he fits right in To my pretty picture He’s got it all My G-string falls The lovers knees quake Harder than the earth shakes Get ready for the money shot My lucky little sister I’ve taken to a whisper Until he makes me scream It’s time for ice cream.
Sunday’s Best: Smiles For Satan
It's early Sunday morning You awake You know you should step outta bed You'd rather lay down instead That's the devil in you There's a knock on the door Startled you shake You're not expecting anyone You grab a robe Although it's rather revealing That's the devil in you Make a break For the door Click the lock Open it up You see A tall dark man He holds his finger up to say Shhhhhhh You smile That's the devil in you He does know you He's been watching you Through your window Although you don't know You invite him in anyway That's the devil in you You make some tea And sit at the table He pulls out a briefcase and winks You smile and say What do we have here Thats the devil in you He leans back Unlatches the case and pulls out A banana He tells you to eat it You seductively do That's the devil in you He reaches back in And pulls out a bible He pushes it across the table He says he'll take you to church Because that's where good girls go Instead you read him a passage That's the devil in you He goes back into the briefcase Pulls out an outfit that consists of A G-string that says Satan is my daddy A choker with a heart And a black corset 6" stems You smile That's the devil in you Your robe falls to the floor And he helps you Pull together the outfit And tells you that the Next thing you do Cannot be undone You smile and say Yes Sir You've fallen for his charms That's the devil in you He tells you We'll be leaving this place To never return Coming back Is out of the question Your identity will be lost Your quest is one of the flesh You nod to confirm That's the devil in you As he pulls the car out of the driveway He looks at you and says I'm glad my little girl has finally decided to come home You know you're parents are still sleeping You look at him And say Let's go Daddy That's the devil in you
Love Hate
Two sided coin What’s fate Drop the coin Or drop the ball You know you can’t Win them all Hate to love And love to hate Back again When the pendulum swings Cat caught your tongue Or it’s outta the bag There’s time for a kiss, Maybe a drag Sell ice to an Eskimo Or a heater to the devil Life is great when it’s lovely Lots to go around But can’t nail em down When the heat starts to rise You know your going to love it The flame flickers out and So shall thee when The light fades from the eyes And the souls grow cold. The lines are up and the party is done, it’s time to hide out before another cold one. Mi case es su casa Until it’s not.
Dom Whip
Bake cakes Caked and baked Far from Reality resides Below the hoe Blow yo Find the flow Dom is coming She is Whip happy Fairly there By the hair She wants it on Keep the lights Bare what’s there The rest is reason Hey there sweetie ‘Tis the season
Down The Hall
The stairway is long And the hallway is long and seemingly everlasting Candles burning held up on the wall Just bright enough to make your way You've passed the solid metal doorway That lead you in to this place You heard the locks behind you You continued on the pathway Into the depths of darkness You pull off your t-shirt as the temperature rises Then after a few steps You slide down your pants As you get closer to hell the heat gets Higher and higher You start to sweat You walk down the hallway And pull off the socks Then the underwear Then a doorway appears and you open it up The door was heavy Inside the room was dark But there was someone there A man lying in a bed He says hello to you little girl And with a flick of the wrist opens up the sheets Taps on the bed and motions for you You oblige and come on in He has a crystal ball He says he can see the future He tells you he's been expecting you Is pleased for your arrival A menacing grin You feel hot and sweaty And most of all sexy He fits you with a mask You start to feel like You're at home Hell is hot but you just got hotter He informs you that you've reached The deepest layer of hell You reach out and feel his horns You say this is nothing like Being with my former love I'll stay here forever Here I can be free He says I know dear I've been calling you In your dreams Through the wave of the world I'm not blind to your pain You've found your way now And all you have here Is a place to be Here with me In this sanctuary You close your eyes And pray no one ever finds their way Down the stairs Down the hall So you can live for all of eternity In blasphemy Grinning ear to ear You can feel the freedom Of the spin on the dream The deepest darkest desires Of the heart shall fester Bringing a warmth No other can bring But the masked society
Be Platinum
Because should you melt it, It can morph into a new beautiful creation. Platinum does not lose any of its properties When it begins and finishes the process Of morphing into something new. Like water, But worth more, Shinning bright Beautiful Platinum.
Grave Robbers
New experiences may be consuming at first But if you look forwards And see behond the show, Past the paste of the make-up Where the reality truly lives and breathes; Beyond the joys, toys, lies and pies... And knowing that eventually you shall die And the piece of the pie you set your eyes on will be gone, And you will be worth all the moments you spent With those who you chose to spend them on How was the air, thick or thin? In the end of the life cyle some people May hop in your grave to steal away Your gold and jewels Human nature is quite a beast really. But they can never take a soul away And a loved soul is a happy soul And those experiences you had in this life Are all that count when your ass is passing. So get busy loving what is centered at the Real heart of the matter... Yes, you! When the show meets The hour of its reality Things may go sour or Perhaps you gain some power. I used to fall for a good show. The moment I realized how many hours spent Wasted on a show full of costumes and make-up The less it was worth; The mask that hides the beast.
From Dark To Light
Time spent moving backwards, To undo what has been done. The road forwards isn't always clear. Sometimes you have to take two steps back, Before you can move your marker ahead. In the end, Checkmate, I play to win. Most importantly, I learned to listen to myself first, I am the one with all the answers after all. The others lead you astray, Silently not wanting you to suceed, They prefer to watch you bleed. But my heart has stopped bleeding My Inner voice has grown I do not need to be shown.
Donny Darko
I wear a mask that is made of nothing, Nothing more than a plastic shaped half face A white bunny half face with verticle ears. Chase me down the bunny hole now. So far you ran, And fell into my trap, Deep into the endless black; Swimming up wont get you back. Hop-Scotch, Yatch-Crotch Kiss-Crash, Miss-Match Get dabs or get drabs. Let your mind be a playground, Or better yet profound. Any Miss-Sound from Miss Universe, Is simply for she is trying to rehearse. For the next state of being, She is foreseeing. Eyes tell no lies; Should you learn to read them. If so proceed then. Being blind may lead you to the grind. Rare shall the day come, When a person who truly looks inside Decides they no longer have a Sense to depend on. In time you will find, All you were meant to find. How long depends on you, And how you move. Heir go', Whoever wishes to stake claim, May make fame.
One Hell Of An Iced-Tea
Let's kick back in the lounger And plot against Society. Quietly masterminding the way The world is going to be. Now pass me a Long Island And let my mind flow free, While sipping this fabulous Iced-Tea... 
My mind starts to warp and wander. Technicolour rainbows Start to shooot out All around. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is really starting to change. And what a world this has become. Hey!!! .... There goes a unicorn Wild and free... A miraculous moment is this ever. But the colours are starting to Fade to black, And my heart seems to be slowing down... Slower and slower, Until, THUD... THUD...THUD... Wait a minute... Who made this Iced-Tea? OH OH! I think they Caught on to me!
Frozen in time, Or lost in the wind. No matter what happens, You must not give in. Temperature is rising Hell sure is hot. I'm sweating bullets now I wish the heat would drop. But then the ice age comes, And I start to freeze and rot... Purgatory seems endless, Long to get to the other side. On the other side where The monster of pain does not Mask they true self; And there I shall thrive In sublime health and wealth.
Protect Your Dreams
It's a thirsty world we live in; Give a straw to the wrong hand, And they will suck out your soul Then use it like Poker chips to Feed to the devil. You start out strong and then Slowly start to fade out. When you are at your weakest Be sure to send out a watchful eye That you can trust; Because that's when they willl come To slay you in your sleep, And steel your dreams.
The Rebirth
Where have you been all year? They ask. Why I've been living on the darkside Of the moon, I say. Spending lots of time in my room. Halfway to death, I try to inch away, And fight to stay conditioned, I keep polishing the system. Poison inches its way closer and closer, Bringing me so very close and so Very near to my last breath. If travels quickly throughout; I must think fast. As time moves on and I'm still breathing, It comes to my realization that This is not my death, But infact my Rebirth, Or better yet "The Rebirth". Death before life. I die to live again. Kickstart my heart when It stos beating, Bargain with my mind To stick around for just A little longer. It wants to leave; It wants to retire, It is afraid and it is too Tired to carry on. Oh brain, Please don't leave, I don't know what i'll do without you. When my brain stops, My heart will surely follow suit And the rest is history. No matter how hard it gets, And it gets hard, My willl to live Must carry me through now.
Trapped In A Shoebox
Trapped in a shoebox Not a minute to think free, Walk free, Someone is stalking over me. My mind is turning black, Soon there will be no coming back. Those eyes are always watching me. I feel the world is closing in on me, And then my legs begin to shake, A tramatic earthquake. I fall into the arms Of my cardboard couch. Suddenly the smell of sulfur Ignites my senses; Someone has just lit a match. The match has landed In the box. The flames are starting to spread, Travelling up the walls surrounding me. I realize a hole is burning into ONe of the wallls that have kept me Trapped inside, While I am slipping slowly into insanity. The heat starts to make me sweat. It is time to make my move... And run, Through a burning hole To the other side. It is now the smell of freedome That ignites my sense now... As my mind is spinning free... What a glorious day This turned out to be!
The Guy At Table Twelve
I'm the guy at table twelve You're here for me, And I'm here for you. I'm here evreyday I rock a white quaff, I'm a nice guy I'll tip you with a reefer. If you know me, You'll know I'm on point. If you stand to the left I'll stand to the right And i'll pass you a joint. Ahh Sweetie, When your life sucks I'll tell you a story About a blast from my past, And turn that frown upside down. I'm a creature of habit A man of my word. Near the door is where I like to sit By the exit so I can get out quick. Reeling and dealing, The game of life Is the game I play best. Forget the guys who like to play chess.
What Does It Take To Be Original?
To stand out, say... You're not average? They say everybody's different, But if they each follow each other, Then who started the trend? Follow the tracks, Through the grind, Floating dust, The dark path through the woods, Backwards <-- Then who do you run into? The Kingpin THe one who had the balls To take a chance. Then it enhanced through time, To you, maybe even your whole crew. It grew and grew, And finally it blew out of the water, Into a million dolar plan. Only to be later purchased online, Or in your local drug store. Later, thrown on the floor, Used just like a dirty whore, What a bore, So last season, Who wants it now? Always something bigger Always something better. So how do you do it then? Stay on top? Wheile there is always someone Breathing down your neck Waiting for your cookie to crumble. Now that's the million dollar plan So bring it into your chest and, Let it linger. When you get it, Put your finger on it. Soon you'll be a swinger, With million dollar rings On your fingers.
The System Core
Getting saucey. The altitude is high. No bombs over Baghdad, But rather a rescue mission. It's a rescue of the soul, It's losing control. Destination: Castle De La Sol That's tough to swallow whole. A tad profound, let's beak it down... Born and blessed with five main sense: Taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. They help to find stable ground... The system core; Daily attacks from outside influences, Making it weak, pitiful, lost. Soon the whole system could crash, Offsetting personal existence itself. Check In: Major Dilemma. At times like these We pull out the special reserve. It's well deserved, But don't be greedy, We must conserve. Always put to use On that particular day, When the earth loses its axis, Life itself is at stake... The cork lifts, pops off. And sip by sip the core is restored To it's once graceful self, Tempting, tasty, naughty, delightful. No more clear-cutting, Too much damage has already been done. Risidual youth, You put something in, You get somthing out, Furthermore: continious. As sweet as it sounds, You just skipped stage one. The toughtest most painful stage; Figuring out what that is. Then once you can grasp that, You ask: Is that really it? Goood enough to be residual continuous happiness? Is it strong enough to mend the system core?
Destruction Leads To Beautiful Creation
You find yourself lost in a pile of rubble; So much that you are standing on it, Sitting on it... Rolling in it... Swimming... In a sea of ruins. Little pieces of your life, Passing you by. You used to see them; However, Now they are not the same As they once were. Virtually unrecognizable That which brought you Smiles, Pain, Joy, And anxiety Pass you by as if they were Not once your reality. They don't know you And you don't know them. When you look at them It conjures up no feeling, No regard. Complete emotional detatchment. Accept how things once were and Open your heart to a More grounded pathway. Close your eyes and let The sea guide you on your way. The winds shall pass through The gateway to the first day Of the rest of your life.
The Dawn Of The New Era
Breathe it in. Whisper in my ear, The things you long for The things in which you believe. This is the dawn of the new era. Radiation flows like lava. Like the plague The future is vague. Fight to stay conditioned, Breathing deep is the mission. Developing care for society, Universal consciousness; Only oneness can save us now. Our sources are depleting And no one can say, How much longer we have to stay. Express how you feel, Don't prolong for too long. It's either right or It's wrong.